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Tax Credits Manual

How HM Revenue and Customs handles Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit cases

Guidance: Check if an email youve received from HMRC is genuine

Check a list of recent emails from HMRC to help you decide if the email you've received is a scam.

Transparency data: Companies House gender pay gap report and data 2022

Data on the difference in employees’ average earnings from April 2021 to March 2022.

Guidance: Lifetime allowance guidance newsletter — March 2023

Lifetime allowance newsletter published by HMRC in March 2023 to update stakeholders on the latest n...

Form: Apply for administrative restoration to the register (RT01)

Use this form to apply to Companies House to get your company restored.

Guidance: Self Assessment: service availability and issues

Check the availability and any issues affecting the Self Assessment online service.

Correspondence: Letters to overseas entities who own or lease property or land in the UK

Notices sent to overseas entities who need to register information with Companies House about their ...